Monday, November 12, 2007

As Far as the Eye Can See


Anonymous said...

heya jon,
this is a great picture/ sorry for my ignorance if I'm misnaming the style/medium? your scanning issues see to have been well worth it.

I think I also like this piece because Kylie is in some of the pics..."@_@"

I like your Edwardian Cat and I REALLY like your pastels on your 'odds and ends'section.

keep up the manic workpace!


Anonymous said...

waaahh, I just wrote you a comment and it was erased...

so I like this image and think the scanning drama was well worth it.

Kylie in the pics makes it even better '@_@'

I also like your Edwardian Kitty and REALLY REALLY like your pastels from your 'odds and ends' of your OTHER site.

keep up the manic workpace!